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 A building that is not yet complete by architecture who is master mind of the existing of the building. He's lose, in absent of cement, sand, and water e.t.c. that make build a complete house. This building or any building in this form will not progress and it will be sturnted forever. This architecture is a new business man and he's first business is this building, tell me will he have progress in his business?

Answer is Yes not, his progress is as sturnted as that building .

Now i can tell you what make him (architecture) sturnted in his building career, is because he is lack of PLAN and FOCUS. ........ Such is in trading too and  online business which is unfortunately include man and woman.

For a sucessfull man online today most be focus on hes/her goals and also know what he or she wants. Because online business today it's now wild and grow feather which make it flying , is only who knows the rout take the part. There are many ways by which online business man or woman can take to be a successfull business person on line today.

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